Costa Rica Guy : Why the Blog?

Why this Blog Exists

What is this blog about?….

…ala Sienfield…in a word, nothing, but then again, everything…..

No really, I have been writing this blog for many years (first post was on July  3, 2008).  It was originally “supposed” to be about all the reasons I love my home, Costa Rica.  Which I still do very much.  But later the blog morphed into a sort of personal catharsis.  I wrote about whatever hit me in the moment, usually early in the morning over a big cup of Costa Rican Joe.

Once again the blog is morphing as my thoughts about it have been crystallizing.  From now on the blog writing will be focused along the following themes….

But wait a minute, the above list concerns the “what” (as in the topics that I will write about), but does not touch on in the least bit, the why.  The heading of this page is WHY this blog exists.  And since I headed it that way, I believe I should actually try to disclose an answer.

Let’s start with my basic world view…

I am anti-Greed and believe that unbridled capitalism leads to rampant consumerism and ultimately greed and greed is NOT good for people or the planet…however, I am….

So, the blog is to promote my beliefs??

No – it is to do what I love…..

Which is,

….readers to at least think about what I believe to be good and true….

And maybe, just maybe, improve their lives in the process (and my own via reciprocity).

Finally, since I am an “expat” living in a Latin American (“3rd World”) country, I “get to” (as in, have the privilege of) see how drastically less consumerism leads to a happier life and therefore I am in a good position to share those experiences with readers.

so, happy reading…

Pura Bloga!

Costa Rica Guy

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