Costa Rica Guy : Why the Blog?

How to Read Up in Here

This is a blog of a “guy on the outside looking in.” Is that a good reason to read it? Maybe so, maybe not….that is for you to decide. I am the gringo who wound up an expat and now views the world a bit differently (no, a lot differently) as a result. Like I mentioned earlier, “a Costa Rica Guy on the outside looking in.” Maybe from one or more of my posts (categorized below) you can gleam an insight or two that you would not have otherwise noticed.

Okay here is where I get to divvy up all my blather into tight and succinct categories of pure reading pleasure….


And last, but not least, my…..


You will notice that many of my earlier post titles begin with Reason #1, Reason #2, and so on. It may seem a little weird, but here is the explanation. When I first started this blog it was titled “365 Reasons I Love Costa Rica.”  The idea was to post a new reason every day.  The blog later morphed into more along the lines of 365 Days to Figure Out the Meaning of Life, but I held fast to the Reason #1, Reason #2 routine.  Until I reached Reason #365, then I thought, well ok, now what?  So the Reasons part dropped out.  I am leaving them that way, however, as a reminder to myself that not all bright ideas are good ones….

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