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Costa Rica Guy Surpasses 600 Posts!!

600 posts

I read an interesting Think Traffic post from blog-building guru, Corbett Barr, this morning about reaching the milestone of 500 posts. He claims that is a significant event in the life of any blog. Well, upon reading that I had to check my own post count and guess what? My latest post prior to this one, Revolutionary Love on September 9, 2013, was number 601!  I figure the average word count of my posts is around 500, so that amounts to 300,000 words written.  Considering that the average novel has around 100,000 words…I’ve written enough words for approximately 3.  And I wouldn’t even have noticed had it not been for Mr. Barr’s prompting.

But I don’t really feel like that was any momentous occasion. Maybe it was. I hope so and according to Corbett Barr it is, but I don’t feel it. I certainly don’t have Think Traffic’s readership. But there’s a reason for that (ok, wise guy, other than my writing). I never really did “think traffic.” Posting has always been a form of catharsis for me (defined: purification or purging of emotions).

My first post was on July 3, 2008. At that time the blog was entitled 365 Reasons I Love Costa Rica. My idea was to write 365 posts exactly on that topic. I was fairly true to form for the first 100 posts or so, but then the catharsis started kicking in.

I began to write about anything, everything and even nothing. Politics, philosophy, sustainability, music, religion, pets, and even revolutionary thoughts were not off-limits.

When post number 365 finally arrived on August 20, 2010, I have to admit it did feel a little momentous. I had reached a milestone that had taken me 2 years and 49 days to achieve (not the 365 days that I originally envisioned…but I made it nonetheless).

Then the counting stopped and the blog morphed into Costs Rica Guy and that’s the way it’s been until this day. If you have been reading, you might have caught wind of my idea to revolutionize this blog by giving it the new title of Revolutionary Misfit. After all someone would have to be a tad “misfitted” to post 601 times without any readers to speak of.

Truth is I don’t know who might be reading this blog. A while back I installed Leo Babauta’s minimalist theme (which he made available about a year ago) that does not allow for comments. I kind of like that (not having comments). Not because I am afraid of criticism (I get plenty of that from my one faithful reader…mom), but because it tends to “free me up” to write what’s on my mind without the repression of reprisal. However, it would be nice to hear from folks. The new version of the blog will allow for comments for that reason.

In the meantime, if you’re out there and actually reading what I have to say, please post something on the Facebook page…negative, positive, or neutral…I could care less. Just something so I know there is at least one person out there reading me. After 600 posts, that would be nice.

My “powerful posts” list (which needs updating) demonstrates the transitions this blog has gone through during the past 600 posts. Pick one or two from that list and you’ll get the flavor of my writing voice.

I am proud of my work here…even though no one seems to read it. After reading Corbett Barr’s post this morning, I feel even more proud to be able to say Costa Rica Guy surpasses 600 posts!

And I will keep on posting…probably to the end of my days. It has become one of my true joys of living.

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