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Back in 2007 I started to get interested in blogging. I bought the blogging for dummies book and soon thereafter launched my first blog…I believe using either blogger or typepad. I mainly just translated news from Costa Rica’s newspaper, La Nacion, into English. The idea was to drive traffic to my travel site, Package Costa Rica.

Then in mid-2008 I started the 365 Reasons I Love Costa Rica blog. It was my first stand-alone WordPress blog. The idea was to blog each day about a different reason I love Costa Rica…to convince others to love it too and maybe schedule a trip via my travel company, as well as increase our search engine presence.

But to be honest I had a hard time coming up with a different reason every day. I started blogging about life in general…my life. The blog morphed from SEO strategy to more of a medium for personal catharsis.

I continued counting reasons nonetheless and when I reached 365, considered shutting the blog down. That was in 2009. But I just kept writing and changed the name of the blog from 365 Reasons to just Costa Rica Guy.

The blog became an integral part of my life, even though I tended to write in fits and starts. The writing revealed the highs and lows of my existence as an expat in Costa Rica. It helped me through a serious breakup, two separations from my current wife, as well as many hiccups in my business and my life in general. I wrote about major events in my life, as well as the world in general. I wrote about whatever would hit me in the early morning hours with a hot cup of Costa Rican joe within reach.

I have blogged about absurd things, frivolous things, at times self-indulgent things, political things, ideological things, religious things and things that are important to me. I have blogged about ways that I would like the world to be. I guess you can call those posts…wishful thinking.

As far as traffic is concerned, I never really gave it much thought. I would occasionally hear from someone who stumbled upon it and liked it. But to be honest I have no idea who is or has read it…outside of my mom, who has historically been my most faithful reader and ardent critic.

But all that never really mattered…until now. I guess the last 5+ years of posting 612 times has been practice. It has also been my search to find a voice…something to blog about that really matters. And I believe I have found it.

So with these words I have decided to put the Costa Rica Guy blog out to pasture. It will still live on in cyber-space and be used occasionally for “spare-parts.” But today’s post will (must) mark an end to the practice. I am ready to turn pro…I hope.

But not pro in the sense of embarking on a desperate search for fame and fortune (the blogosphere is already replete with that)…but pro in the sense of trying to make an impact through my blogging. To have a blog that really matters to someone…hopefully a small army of someones.

Anyone out there who is reading this and who has read me in the past I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart…even if you hated every word of it.

Please consider reading my new blog.

With that said, I guess all that’s left is to say…as any respectable Costa Rica Guy would…Pura Vida!

Costa Rica Guy signing off…

and Revolutionary Misfit emerging…


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